Læring i Laboratorie- og Feltarbejde

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The SIG’s area of interest is development of good teaching practice and good learning for practical work, specifically laboratory and field work. Our work is not limited to (natural) science. It includes teaching activities that can be described as practical work, as found in the science, engineering and health disciplines.

Examples of these teaching methods and disciplines are:

  • Laboratory work in the chemistry and pharmacy laboratory
  • Laboratory work in the physics laboratory
  • Fieldwork by biologists, geographers, and geologists incl. post processing of collected samples
  • Archeological lab work and field work
  • Physiological experiments
  • Etc.

The purpose of the network is to create a forum for those who are interested in the educational development of the practical teaching at the universities.

Our collaboration will primarily consist of two forms of knowledge sharing:

  • Research-based knowledge sharing that gives all members insight into each other’s and others’ research within laboratory teaching and field work, as well as the learning outcome from practical work (potentially, real).
  • Dissemination of best practice and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning on laboratory- and field work.


Meetings are held in English.


Hendra _Augustian _pb     Hendra Agustian 

   Department of Science Education
   University of Copenhagen

   Mail  Hendra.agustian@ind.ku.dk
   Telefon  +45 3533 4470