DUN in English

The Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (DUN) is an association whose purpose is to develop the quality of university education and university teaching. DUN pursues this through networks, like the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), activities and publications for its members. One of these publications is the Danish Journal of Higher Education (DUT), which you can read more about through the link in the menu.

DUN’s target group embraces everybody involved in university education including leaders, teachers/lecturers education and e-learning consultants in higher education. Membership is free for those working at a member institution. DUN currently has representatives from all Danish universities, other higher education institutions and independent members.

DUN brings together researchers, teachers, educational developers, and consultants to share knowledge, exchange experiences and develop ideas by organizing university education activities:

  • DUN hosts an annual conference on university pedagogy, which offers a wide range of presentations and workshops on higher education pedagogy. If you are registered on DUN´s mailing list, you will automatically receive information on and an invitation to this event.

  • During the year, DUN hosts and promotes a variety of smaller scale events, such as workshops, webinars, conferences, and shares publication opportunities.

  • DUN’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) often offer open events which anyone can attend. You can read more about the SIGs by following the link in the menu on the left-hand side.

If you have proposals for events or if you know of an event that would be of relevance to members, we would be happy to advertise it on this website and act as co-organizers.

If there is a conference mailing list, can we provide a link here to join it?

You are welcome to contact the Link Arrow members of the board or Link Arrow the secretariat (in Danish).