DUN in English

DUN, Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education is a society whose purpose is to develop the quality of university education and university teaching. DUN seeks to further this through establishing networks and activities for its members. Besides, DUN organizes newsletters, study groups, events and also issues Danish Journal of Higher Education.

The target group of the society includes everybody involved in university education and teachers/lecturers in higher education. At present, the network has representatives from all Danish universities and a number of other institutions of higher education.

Once a year, DUN hosts a large conference on university education. If you are registered on DUN´s address list, you will automatically receive information on - and an invitation to this event.

Over the year, DUN also seeks to host a number of events on a smaller scale. These events take up specific topics or themes that are of relevance to the society members. If you have proposals for events or if you know of an event that would be of relevance to the members, we should be pleased to advertise it on this website and act as co-organizers.

You are welcome to contact the members of the board or the secretariat (in Danish).