DODS - Development of Doctoral Supervision

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The network group is a national practice community with a specific focus on research, teaching and development of PhD supervision across faculties and universities in Denmark. The purpose is to exchange experiences with planning, completing, and evaluating courses and other development activities for PhD supervisors. 


For the moment, the group’s core activities are exchanging experiences and sharing teaching materials. Many of us are working alone with these topics in our institutions and it is very rewarding to have a platform where we can share experiences and knowledge and inspire each other. We meet twice a year. Fixed items on the agenda are “news from our own institution” and “news about research, conferences, literature etc.”. In addition, we spend most of the time at these meetings sharing concrete experiences with running supervision courses for PhD supervisors (or PhD students). We address different themes such as how we teach text feedback, roles and relationships in PhD supervision, matching expectations, supervision of international students, integration into the research environment, etc. We also debate and give feedback on each other’s research projects about PhD supervision when it is relevant but mostly, it is a forum for exchanging principals, methods, strategies, and materials within the field of competence development of PhD supervision.

In the autumn of 2012, the network was granted funds (350,000 DKK) from SCK – Statens Center for Kompetenceudvikling (The Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector) – to a project with the title "Nyudvikling af seminarer for meget erfarne ph.d. vejledere" (“New-development of seminars for very experienced PhD supervisors”). Based on the funding we developed an advanced competency development offer for experienced PhD supervisors from all the universities of Denmark. It has been running four times in, respectively, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The course is now offered at some of the Danish Universities.

The network is engaging in and contributing to international trends within the field of PhD supervision. For instance, we invite international collaborators to hold workshops for the network, and some of the network members are regularly invited to give talks, write papers on the topic, and hold doctoral supervision workshops across the globe. 


Gitte W H 6059 Sh1 002    Gitte Wichmann-Hansen

   Senior Researcher
   Department of Education Studies
   Aarhus University

   Telefon  4242 9707

Vice Chairman

Mirjam Godskesen    Mirjam Godskesen

   Part-time Lecturer
   Department of Culture and Learning
   The Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University

   Telefon  6166 7239