BATL - Bias Aware Teaching and Learning

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Bias, whether it’s explicit or implicit, is at the root of discrimination and inequality and affects all aspects of society. Whilst legislation and social norms can limit explicit bias, addressing implicit bias presents additional challenges. Therefore, we need to identify effective ways to ensure non-discriminatory practices by addressing all biases. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are expected to demonstrate equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practices, however their principles are compromised by biased practices which lead to unjust decisions, discriminatory practices and limitations on novelty. In response, the BATL SIG advocates HEIs lead with exemplary inclusive and non-discriminatory practices by actively addressing bias in their recruitment, promotion, research, teaching, learning and assessment practices and by promoting and supporting relevant research. The online resource Link Arrow is designed to provide relevant resources for teachers in HEIs and includes Think Pieces, Practical Tools, Research and FAQs.

Description of the purpose and objectives of the network

The BATL SIG is actively supporting HEIs’ inclusive and non-discriminatory practices by:

  1. creating a national platform and network across Danish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to address explicit and implicit bias in: recruitment, promotion, research, teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation

  2. influencing strategic decision making to prioritise bias aware practices throughout Danish HEIs

  3. providing practical tools to help identify the blind spots in our institutions and address bias for: teachers, researchers, students, leaders and managers, communication professionals and university services personnel

  4. sharing bias-related research and practical resources, including examples from HEIs and other organisations

  5. supporting and promoting bias-related research networks, collaborations and outputs

  6. aspiring towards the development of eco-systems within and between Danish HEIs to address explicit and implicit bias in: recruitment, promotion, research, teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation.

Proposals for how the group will promote its work to colleagues at Danish universities

The BATL SIG will:

  • share information about BATL, events, empirical data, research, literature and discussions via DUN and other HEI communications.

  • hold an open workshop/seminar each semester, hosting them at one of our SIG member’s institutions or at DUNs annual conference.

  • welcome collaboration with other DUN SIGS, other national and international networks and SIGs.

  • seek opportunities to disseminate BATL practices through Link Arrow, publications, seminars and conferences.


Donna Hurford Border    Donna Hurford

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   Centre for Teaching and Learning
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