DUNK Award 2017

Participation in DUNK Award 2017

This year, all research communicating contributions (regardless of their presentation format) can participate in DUNK Award 2017. DUNK Award 2017 is assigned to the contribution which is based on a thoroughly conducted research project, and at the same time satisfy the following criteria:

  • The contribution relates to the conference theme
  • The contribution is substantively consistent, i.e. there is a clear common thread between the
            background, purpose, theory, method and results
  • The contribution is communicated by means of well-chosen and well-conducted educational grips
  • The presentation of the contribution has a creative and unique feature

The assignment of this year's DUNK Award is based on a number of evaluators’ assessment of the contribution qualities in relation to the above criteria. Both the abstract as well as the presentation at DUNK 2017 are included in the assessment.

You will be asked whether you want to participate in DUNK Award 2017 when you submit your abstract.