Workshop: Exploring neurodiversity support in Danish higher education

Date: March 1, 2024 - 09.45-14.45 CET

Venue: University of Copenhagen, South Campus, room 27.0.09, Njalsgade 136, building 27, 2300 København S

Fee: Free

Registration deadline: February 27, 2024, 12.00 CET

The meeting is open to all university teachers and those who support neurodivergent students.

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During this workshop you will have the opportunity to hear and engage with a range of experts who specialise in researching and supporting neurodivergent university students. You will also hear from those with personal experiences of neurodiversities whilst at university. English will be the primary language at the workshop with some presentations offered in Danish/English. There will be time for networking and meeting new colleagues.
The workshop is free, but numbers are limited so register now.

The workshop has been co-developed by members of the two DUN SIGs Link Arrow Bias Aware Teaching Learning (BATL) and Link Arrow Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom (TLIC).

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