Open SIG workshop: Intercultural Dynamics Workshop

Date: January 27, 2023, 10.00 - 14.00

Venue: University of Copenhagen, South Campus, room 22.0.49, Emil Holms Kanal 2, DK-2300 Copenhagen S. Link Arrow See map 

Fee: Free and open to all

Registration deadline: January 20, 2023


The workshop is co-designed by the Link Arrow Bias Aware Teaching and Learning, BATL and the Link Arrow Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom, TLIC Special Interest Groups hosted by the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education, DUN.

This free workshop is hosted by Link Arrow CIP at the University of Copenhagen and is open to all interested in supporting intercultural teaching and learning in higher education institutions. The workshop will be in English.


During this open workshop, we shall experiment with different tools and resources designed to support intercultural dynamics in teaching and learning communities at universities. In this context, intercultural refers to any diversity of cultural backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and expectations through which a class interrelates, and dynamics refers to the professional interaction between teachers or instructors and students. 


We know teaching and learning work best when communication between the students and the teacher is clear and reciprocal. Whilst all within a learning community can contribute to making communication accessible and inclusive, we tend to look to the teacher to steer the way. But even when the teacher is equipped with an array of pedagogical tools and skills, navigating intercultural dynamics in a learning community is challenging.

In some learning communities, the teacher and students embrace cultural diversity and its contribution to the rich tapestry of intercultural learning. Whilst in other learning situations, the intercultural dynamics are more challenging. The reasons for the challenges may not be obvious but the interactions are charged with miscommunication, and differences in perceptions and expectations.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with opportunities to try out different pedagogic techniques which can support intercultural dynamics and to share their own intercultural experiences and practices.

Workshop design

The workshop is divided into two parts, with lunch and time for networking in between.
Part A engages with pedagogic techniques designed to nurture intercultural learning and interaction.
Part B focuses on managing challenges within intercultural settings.
Parts A and B are interactive and include input on pedagogical techniques and opportunities to share intercultural experiences and practices.

The workshop concludes with a review of our take aways and a discussion about the next workshop in the SIGs’ series Teachers’ and students’ experiences of equity and inclusive education at Danish Higher Education Institutions.

More information

DUN SIG members can access workshop resources and agendas from the MS Team for the relevant DUN SIG.  

If you are interested in joining one of the SIGs, you can read more about the Link Arrow BATL SIG and the Link Arrow TLIC SIG and Link Arrow here’s the link for applying to join a DUN SIG.

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