SIG meeting: Bias Aware Teaching and Learning, BATL

First Face to Face Meeting - Bias Aware Teaching and Learning, BATL

The meeting is open to all.

 April 1, 2019, 12.00-15.00

Venue: IT University of Copenhagen, Room 2A08, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S
The closest Metro stop is DR Byen

Registration Deadline: March 26, 2019

Registration: Email Donna Hurford Link Arrow and please write if you have any dietary needs.

This is a new DUN SIG, and we welcome interest from all working in Higher Education who share an interest in how to raise awareness of bias and address its impact on teaching, learning and assessment.

To keep the SIG as inclusive as possible, we are welcoming interest from colleagues in Denmark and Sweden. My proposal is that we use English as our lingua franca, however, let’s discuss this at our first meeting.

Please review the agenda and let me know if you would like to lead or co-lead any of the sessions. And, come prepared to share a 2 minute introduction about yourself, as noted in the agenda.

Meeting Host: Valeria Borsotti, Special Advisor - Diversity & Inclusion, T: (45) 7218 5294, Link Arrow

(Timings will be adjusted, depending on how many of us attend the meeting)

12.00-12.30 Welcome, informal getting to know each orther over a sandwich lunch, tea and coffee.


Please come prepared to share a two minute introduction to you and your role in Higher Education and your interest in BATL.


Please review the current description of the Link Arrow BATL SIG, which includes purpose and objectives.
During this session, we shall discuss the current purpose and objectives of the SIG and decide on any editing. 

13.45-14.00 Break

14.00-14.45 Activity which invites us to focus on what do we want to achieve, learn, research, collaborate on, disseminate…  through the SIG in 2019 and maybe a more long-term perspective.

14.45-15.00 Next meeting
Are BATL SIG members planning to attend the Link Arrow DUN Conference? If so, we could host a meeting there.

Read more about BATL