PhD Scholarship opportunity in Internationalization at SETU

Please see attached a PhD scholarship opportunity for a research in Internationalization of Higher Education for Society and how this can contribute to the role of Global Social Responsibility.

Closing date and time: October 31 at 4pm Irish Time 

Postgraduate Scholarship Information Sheet (Advert)

Post summary
This PhD research will explore the role of Internationalisation in higher education and the potential impact and benefit of this beyond the university. Internationalisation in higher education is central to the strategy of modern universities to enhance global understanding, cultural awareness and developing networks. Traditionally, this has been from the perspective of staff and student mobility. Recent developments attempt to address this through curriculum development and Internationalisation at Home (IaH) extending the capacity of internationalisation. The wider role of Global Social Responsibility and internationalisation in communities and broader society has not been widely developed. This is a gap in the research and literature on internationalisation in higher education. The aim of this proposal is to focus on the impact of internationalisation policies beyond the university. How can internationalisation make a meaningful contribution to society through social engagement in local communities? This research takes as its central concept internationalisation of higher education for society from the perspective of inclusivity, social justice and social engagement.

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