Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Digital Teaching, Learning and Assessment: The Journey Beyond

Submission deadline: April 1, 2022

Info and submission


This book is the result of the continuous discussion taking place in the teaching and learning space of what the future holds for academics and their main stakeholder, the students post the pandemic. The editors of this book work in the teaching and learning domain and consider such discussion critical to ensure that students are well serviced by all concerned. This proposed book brings such discussions to one platform where academics, administrators and other stakeholders like researchers and regulatory bodies ponder over the ideas and practices presented in this book on how the digital world will dominate and change the teaching and learning space.

Objective of the Book

Digital teaching and learning has shifted from a just an option to delivery to busy executives in most cases to a development where education revolves around the delivery primarily on a digital platform. This however has arisen due to the COvID-19 pandemic. This book provides the target audience a futuristic look at the new digital world. Of importance would be how practitioners perceive this new era and for administrators to have a glance of the possibilities of teaching and learning of the future. Regulatory bodies would benefit from having this glimpse as they try to find how QA would be for such teaching and learning that deviates significantly from didactic approaches.

Target Audience

The Primary audience for the work will be 'Academics and management staff of HEIs'. The book should reach teachers and administrators in HEIs globally. It could also become an essential reader in graduate certificate programmes on higher education teaching. Regulatory bodies (such as national and regional higher education officials), professional bodies and quality assurance oversight bodies or regulators.

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