Open workshop in the BATL SIG: Implicit Bias in Oral Assessment: The Case of Roskilde University

Date: November 7, 2019, 10.00-14.30

Venue: Roskilde University, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde 

Fee: Open to all DUN members

Registration: Email Link Arrow Donna Hurford 

The Bias Aware Teaching and Learning, BATL, SIG is delighted to invite you to a workshop on Bias and Assessment at Roskilde University. 

The workshop will include a presentation by Link Arrow Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic and Link Arrow Eva Mayerhöffer  on their research findings from the project outlined below, followed by a workshop on assessment and bias. 
There will be time for some additional items and you are welcome to email your suggestions toLink Arrow Donna Hurford

The final program will be circulated later in October.

The workshop will be conducted in English. 

Presentation of the project
In the project, we look into the special case of oral group examinations of project work at Roskilde University and ask how implicit bias come into play in these oral assessments and what measures can be taken, at institutional as well as individual level, to mitigate such biases. We combine a literature review on implicit bias that maps out the different types of biases potentially at stake in oral assessment with autoethnography and informal focus groups with RUC teaching staff. Based on our empirical findings, we present and discuss six vignettes that illustrate a number of critical dimensions of oral assessment that require attention in order to mitigate potential implicit bias.

The research was done as part of our final report for the CUTL-certificate, The Certificate of University Teaching and Learning. At the same time, Ditte is researching implicit biases and dissemination more generally as part of her Carlsberg postdoctoral project: Link Arrow “Implicit bias: Don’t trust your gut feeling”.

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