Udgivelse og boglancering: Developing Researcher Independence through the Hidden Curriculum

Udgivelse: developingh researcher           

Forfattere: Link Arrow Elliot, D. L. , Link Arrow Bengtsen, S.S.E. and Link Arrow Guccione, K. (Eds.)

2024, 2. udgave

Link Arrow Palgrave Macmillan: London.

This edited book examines the concept of researcher independence and its various strands and manifestations using the conceptual lens of the hidden curriculum.

Contributions highlight, discuss and exemplify the instrumental and formational roles played by the hidden curriculum in promoting and facilitating doctoral scholars’ researcher independence. Contributing to limited scholarly resources on the hidden curriculum, the book stimulates debate concerning its pragmatic and theoretical importance, particularly in pursuit of researcher independence. Including first-hand examples from doctoral scholars, doctoral supervisors, researcher developers and institutional leaders, the book will appeal to doctoral scholars, researchers and students working in the areas of doctoral education, curriculum and pedagogical practices, doctoral supervision, mentoring and coaching, researcher education, learning and development and educational leadership.

The launch will take place on 9th April, at 10-11.30am BST (= GMT+1) and we have done our best to time it to include colleagues internationally.We know that timing won’t suit everyone, and so we plan to record and share some of the presented parts of the event through our Hidden Curriculum blog too.

Please book your place here (the event is free and open to all with an interest).


 10.00 -   10.10  

Part 1 – Editor Insight

  • Opening Welcome - Dr Kay Guccione
  • Conceptualising Researcher Independence - Dr Dely Elliot
  • Constructing the book - Dr Søren Bengtsen

 10.10 -   11.00 

Part 2 – Chapter Contributions 

  • Dr Owen Gower: The Hidden Meanings of ‘Independent Research(er)’
  • Dr Barbara Grant: Midwifing the New: Institutional Leadership for Doctoral Education
  • Dr Melina Aarnikoivu: Through and Towards an Interdisciplinary Research Community: Navigating Academia as a Lone Doctoral Scholar
  • Prof. Gina Wisker: Facilitating Researcher Independence Through Supervision as Dialogue
  • Dr Sofie Kobayashi and Dr Maria Berge: How Humour Can Support Researcher Independence

 11.00 -   11.25

Part 3 – Discussion and Reflections

Each of our Chapter presenters will end their presentation with a question for the audience.
We will divide into groups to discuss these and then return to share our reflections. Facilitated by Dr Kay Guccione. 


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