Publication: Special issue of Philosophy and Theory in Higher Education - ‘Imagining the Future University’

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Executive editor: Link Arrow Professor John Petrovic

Guest editorsLink Arrow Søren Smedegaard Bengtsen
                          Link Arrow Ronald Barnett

Year: 2019

PublisherLink Arrow Peter Lang

The special issue arose originally from the first annual PaTHES conference ‘The Purpose of the Future University’, at Aarhus University in the autumn 2017.

From the introduction:
"This special issue delves into this matter - of imagining the future university - and teases out some of its intricacies. How intractable, and how powerful, are the forces at work that swirl in and through universities? What, in other words, is the ontological landscape within which the university moves? Just what room might there be even for any imaginative work? Can a multiplicity of future university forms seriously be discerned or has the horizon drawn in, limiting the room for significant innovation?" 

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