Publication: Enacting the University: Danish University Reform in an Ethnographic Perspective

Enacting The University                   

Authors: Link Arrow Susan Wright
                Link Arrow Stephen Carney
                Link Arrow John B. Krejsler
                Link Arrow Gritt B. Nielsen
                Link Arrow Jakob Williams Ørberg 

Year:  2019, 1. edition

Publisher: Link Arrow Springer

This book examines the transformative power and the limitations of one of Europe’s most significant university reforms from an ethnographic and historical perspective. It incorporates voices positioned across university and policy-making hierarchies in its analysis of how Danish universities have been transformed. To do this, the book continually juxtaposes two meanings of ‘enactment’: a top-down view based on laws and institutional power, and a bottom-up view of multiple actors shaping their institution in day-to-day life and in actively contested changes. By conceiving of the university as ‘enacted’ in both ways at once, the book explores how and why the university comes to be imagined and instantiated in new ways.

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