ICED 22 Conference Podcast - Episode 6

Link Arrow ICED22 is a hybrid conference that will address the role and responsibility of educational developers in coping with the UN's 17 Global Goals of sustainability. This podcast will give you insights to the debates and subjects of the conference.

Katarina Mårtensson & Torgny Roxå are both senior lecturers at Lund University, and they have been working as academic developers for 20+ years at the university. Katarina is affiliated with the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) within the Department of Educational Sciences. Torgny is affilated with the Academic Development Unit at the Faulty of Engineering. For many years, they have worked closely together, studying conditions for academic development at the organizational meso-level. In addition to their daily jobs at LU, they have several international commitments. Katarina is among others co-editor of Teaching & Learning Inquiry, the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, ISSOTL, where she was co-president for 3 years.

Host: Kasper Bergstrøm, E-learning Consultant, University of Copenhagen

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