Webinar: The strategic role of local educational managers


Date: May 20, 2022, 12.30 - 15.30

Venue: Online

Fee: 800 DKK - For participants from other countries the price is 107 €

Registration deadline: May 9, 2022


Roughly speaking, strategy is about ensuring coherence and direction in a long-term perspective, including supporting the development of the institution in close interaction with the surrounding community.

Seen in this perspective, it is not surprising that many perceive strategic education leadership as something reserved for top executives and politicians with a special responsibility for the field of education.

At the same time, most people will probably also admit that strategies only have a life if competent and committed resource persons at all levels can translate and apply the strategies into practice. Strategic management is therefore not only about making the big visionary decisions, but just as much about finding solutions to everyday challenges close to the educations, the teaching and the students and teachers. Strategic management requires a deeper understanding of why change is needed, about creating meaning and ownership as well as creating a space of opportunity for dedicated professionals. In addition, of course, there is also traditional planning, implementation, and process management.

In other words, strategic management is a multi-faceted management task.


Virtual with presentations and discussions (both plenum and breakout rooms).


  • Thomas Harboe, Senior Consultant and Program Manager, Ph.D., University of Copenhagen (host)
  • Christian Tangkjær, Partner, Ph.D., Mobilize Strategy Consulting
  • Ton Kallenberg, Principal, Ph.D. , Jac. P. Thijsse College, Netherland

Learning objectives

  • Participants will see the need for a (more) strategic approach to education and teaching - even if you are a local education manager who works close to everyday pedagogical practice and is not assigned a formal management mandate.
  • Participants will deeper gain an understanding of what strategy is all about, especially in relation to education and teaching.
  • Participants are to receive concrete tools to exercise strategic educational leadership with others.

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