Publication: University Teaching and Learning in Brief

Universitetspaedagogik I Oversigt Begreber Og Metoder

      Writers: Link Arrow Lotte Rienecker og Link Arrow Rie Troelsen

      Year: 2023, 1. edition

      Publisher: Link Arrow Samfundslitteratur



You can find inspiration in the book for writing course descriptions, and for organising and developing teaching and supervision. The book is also helpful when developing curriculums and working with quality assurance and teaching skills.

This is the e-book for:

  • Teachers and supervisors at all levels of higher education
  • People who work administratively with the planning, implementation, feedback and assessment of teaching
  • Anyone interested in developing their own teaching practice.

The e-book covers concepts and methods such as:

  • Alignment: What does it mean, and how can it be used as a tool for designing courses?
  • Scaffolding: What may be scaffolded, and how?
  • Cluster supervision: What is it, and how is it connected to peer feedback?
  • Study intensity: How can you work with it at a programme level, and can it even be measured?
  • Collegial supervision: What are the benefits, and how to organise it?


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