Publication: Relational and Critical Perspectives on Education for Sustainable Development - Belonging and Sensing in a Vanishing World

Relational And Critical Perspectives               

Authors: Link Arrow Catarina Schmidt and Link Arrow Margaretha Häggström

Year: 2022

Publisher: Link Arrow Springer 

Book seriesLink Arrow Sustainable Development Goals Series

This volume focuses on the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), education, to look at sustainability from various angles with the purpose of challenging preconceptions about what sustainable education might entail and how it should be conducted.To this end, the book assembles scholars from various research fields and disciplines, who are willing to be at the cutting edge regarding sustainability and education on all levels with students in the ages of 6-15.Through this approach, the text points towards a “wild pedagogy” in line with post-sustainable thinking. This involves agency and the role of nature itself as a co-educator, and promotes cultural changes, and explorative processes of finding “the wild” – the unknown, and complexity in nature – and thus of challenging the human need for control.This approach is also, in line with the 2030 Agenda, an attempt to move from advocating predetermined behavioural change to embracing a pluralistic perspective on sustainability, based on holistic views on education. Such views include curiosity, wonderment, compassion and agency as guiding lights.

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