Open for applications: Launching the Student Partnership Impact Award (SEDA and Jisc)

Deadline for applications: August 31, 2023

Fee: £20 for an individual application and £40 for a team application of 2-12 individuals

The Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA), supported by Jisc, is delighted to launch the Student Partnership Impact Award to recognise the work of students across the Higher Education sector who have contributed to educational development and enhancement alongside their studies. Students who have been in roles such as Student Fellow, Change Agent, Peer Mentor, Student Academic Representative, as well as Student Union Leadership roles will be able to apply for the award from summer 2023.

About the award:

Student voice, representation and partnership opportunities are increasingly common features of higher education in the UK and internationally, as evidenced through networks, conferences and publications. Students are being given the opportunity and agency to support and lead educational change. Their activities in this area may be recognised locally through their Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) but there is currently no national recognition available through an appropriate professional organisation. From 2023, SEDA is welcoming applications for a cross-sector certificate in partnership with Jisc that recognises student roles in supporting and leading educational change. This is available for students and for student teams (including graduates up to 12 months post-graduation) who have gone above and beyond their standard institutional role, and have had identifiable impact or influence within their course, department or university. It provides added value to any HEAR statement and enables these students to stand out in their CVs.

Application Process:

Individual students or student teams can apply for the award through a short, online application form which can be found on the SEDA website. There is a small fee for each application to cover the administrative costs (£20 for an individual application and £40 for a team application of 2-12 individuals).  There is a 25% discount if the ‘Corroborating Statement’ comes from an institutional or individual member (NB: an institutional member = anyone employed within a member institution). If you are a SEDA member please email to get the discount code to apply when ‘purchasing’ the product on the website.

Each application will be assessed by two reviewers.

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