Online workshop: Governance and Participation in the University of the Future

April 26, 2021, 17.00

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Round table:

  • Enora Pruvot, Deputy Director Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development
    at European University Association
  • Martin Carnoy, Standford University
  • Susan Wright, Danish School of Education. Aarhus University
  • Vera Sacristán Adinolfi, Observatori del Sistema Universitari                                                     
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Contemporary societies are increasingly dynamic, unstable, complex, and highly demanding. The realities and problems to which we must respond can only be faced in a multidisciplinary, multidimensional, transversal, and global way.
In this scenario, it is important to consider how universities are managed, since they are social institutions that must respond to the demands of society. They solve problems and frame new ones through the use of knowledge, innovation and technology. At the institutional level, universities are challenged to find the right principle of legitimacy to build up the common belief that processes for decision-making and relationships with the environment are appropriate. In terms of management, the main challenge is related to the effectiveness allowed by the implementation of strategic and administrative decisions.

This online workshop wants to contribute to this discussion by contrasting different models of university governance (decision-making structures, preponderant political elements, principles, processes and aims), taking into account that universities are open and complex organizations with their own culture. Which different types of governance models can we find in an international context? What are its weaknesses and its strengths? What is the university of the future?

The Ministry of Universities of the Government of Spain organizes a workshop at EDUMEET, the International Conference on Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change 2021, regarding all these issues trying to find the balance between democracy and effectiveness. Looking for the university of the future.


17.00 Welcome from Edumeet
By Manuel Blanco. Head of the Architecture School, Polytechnic University of Madrid. To be confirmed

17.03 Introduction to the event and debate context
By Manuel Castells. Minister of Universities of the Government of Spain

17.12            Presentation of the round table
By Jana Calvo. Head of research in the cabinet team of the Ministry of Universities

17.15 Presentation of experiences
By Enora Pruvot, Martin Carnoy, Susan Wright & Vera Sacristán

17.45 Debate

18.15 Questions from the audience


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