Job posting: PhD fellowship in Research and impact: Integration of research and society in the humanistic PhD education


Venue: Danish School of Education, Aarhus University

Date of employment: September 1, 2021

Application deadline: March 15, 2021

Research and research-based knowledge is becoming increasingly central to societal and cultural growth, economic competitiveness, health, and happiness. As a consequence, the education of future researchers, has taken on heightened political, institutional, and educational interest, with a focus on how connections are being made between groundbreaking research and its societal impact and value. It is often tacit in what ways research within the humanities, during and after doctoral education, is being conveyed, applied, and integrated within institutions, organisations, and companies outside the university. This research project studies how the cohesion between doctoral education societal impact and value may be increased. In particular, the project focuses on how PhD students themselves experience and understand the possibility of a greater cohesion between research and society.

The PhD scholarship is part of a larger research project. Candidates with knowledge and expertise within educational studies and qualitative methods are preferred. As the candidate will become part of an international research team, candidates with good English skills, spoken and written, will be preferred.

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