Call for Proposals: 12th International EUREDOCS Conference 2021

Date: July 5-6, 2021

Venue: The Clube Universitário do Porto - University of Porto, Portugal

Deadline proposals: April 15, 2021

Submit: Fill in the form below and send it to Link Arrow 

Theme: HEIs coping with external and internal challenges

In recent years, higher education systems have changed significantly in response to rising global challenges and various national policy initiatives. In the context of knowledge economy, higher education institutions were called to respond to social, economic, environmental and political demands challenging their external and internal regulation. A reconfiguration of the sector along market rules and a pervasive influence of managerial and economic dimensions upon academic management were simultaneously developed.
The rationale for many of these changes cannot be found exclusively within higher education and its analysis needs to take into account higher education specificities and the examination of wider transformations taking place in the public sector all over the Western societies since the late twentieth century.

The Network
EUREDOCS is a network of European doctoral students researching on issues related to the Europeanization of higher education and research. The network gathers doctoral students and those awarded the doctoral degree in the last three years researching on European higher education issues. It aims to facilitate and enhance communication among them and to promote publication and dissemination of research results and enable exchange and mobility among young scholars in this field.
EUREDOCS is an interdisciplinary network and accepts membership from doctoral students and recent doctoral awards in sociology, political science, economics, history, anthropology, and educational studies.

The EUREDOCS Conferences
One of the objectives of the EUREDOCS network is to organize international conferences for doctoral students and new doctoral degree holders related to the EUREDOCS thematic priorities and interests.
These conferences aim to:

  • promote exchange, foster discussion and reflection among doctoral students and recent doctoral degree holders,
  • encourage them to write and present papers at academic meetings and conferences,
  • provide practical experiences as discussants and commentators,
  • foster scientific exchange and debates.

The conferences is expected to represent opportunities for doctoral students and new doctoral candidates to find a place dedicated to their work, where they can present contributions and where they are confronted with different perspectives, where they will meet senior researchers who will act as moderators or be part of audience. The conferences also serve as an opportunity for further cooperation and exchange.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of a proposal: April 15, 2021
  • Decision about selection will be sent by the beginning of May 2021
  • All papers selected for presentation must be available by June 15, 2021
  • The Conference: July 5-6, 2021

Call for Proposals

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