Call for Papers - Special Issue: 'What is academic citizenship?'

Cfp What Is Academic Citizenship

Submission deadline: December 8, 2022


Academics and wider publics alike highlight the conflicting and often frustrating demands that are levelled against the university academic: be engaged in society, be truth-seeking and objective, be problem-solving, be innovative and entrepreneurial, be independent, and contribute!

With this special issue, the editorial team aim to create a collection of thought-provoking essays about where these complexities leave the figure of ‘the academic citizen’ and about which futures can be imagined for academic citizenship. This implies many additional questions, such as who qualifies as an academic citizen, what society one is a citizen of, and how the notions of ‘academic’, ‘society’ and ‘citizens’ relate.

The editorial team welcome contributions that inquire into the future(s) of academic citizenship in a university which will not go back to what it was in an often-idealised past.


Short academic essays of max. 3000 words; thought-provoking pieces which pointedly discuss important problems of academic citizenship, or new ideas for academic citizenship. The essays are stylistically freer than an academic article and references should be kept to a minimum of 10-15.


Call for papers out: August, 2022
Initial submissions coming in: December 8, 2022
Reviews will be sent out: March, 2023
Revised papers due: August, 2023
Anticipated Publication: November, 2023

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