ICED Conference 2024

Conference theme: 
Advancing Higher Education Ecosystems for Competency Development 

Date Pre-conference workshops: June 4, 2024

Dates ICED24: June 5 -7, 2024

Venue: United States International University Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

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About the conference: 

The ICED24 Conference under the theme “Advancing Higher Education Ecosystems for Competency Development” will be hosted by The Association for Faculty Enrichment in Learning and Teaching (AFELT).

Teaching and learning continue to change. COVID-19 Pandemic closures and the post pandemic learning experiences have expanded the thinking around facilitating learning. For example, learning facilitators were immersed in a new learning environment that required balancing traditional and technology-enhanced teaching approaches to facilitate learning. New competencies - of instructors and learners - were built through doing, observing, and creating new knowledge. More demands were made on how we manage the new learning environments, and more players entered the educational ecosystem. Our understanding of what our learners need has also been shifting.

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