Webinar: "That's not what I meant" - ways to identify and address biases in teaching and courses

Date: November 17, 2022, 12.00 - 13.00 CET

Venue: Online via Zoom. Zoom link available via registration

Fee: Free

Registration deadline: November 16, 2022


In the book Link Arrow 'Bias-aware Teaching, Learning and Assessment' the authors uses coaching dialogues to help unpack possible biases in university contexts. Each chapter also offers examples and strategies for addressing these biases.

During this interactive webinar, which will be led in English, you will be introduced to different approaches designed to facilitate dialogues including the GROW coaching model (Whitmore, 2017). Working in small groups in Breakout rooms, you will be invited to apply the approaches to university scenarios provided by Andrew Read and Donna Hurford, the webinar convenors. Next, you will be asked to evaluate strategies for preventing and addressing biases which occur in teaching and learning practices. Finally, you will be invited to evaluate the approaches explored and suggest contexts/situations in which such approaches can be employed most effectively.

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