‘”That’s so gay” - Addressing excluding behaviour and bigotry: replace inaction with inclusive and effective approaches’ – 60 min webinar

Date: February 23, 2022 - 13.00-14.00

Venue: Online webinar via Zoom, link available when you register

The webinar is available to all who work in HEIs

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This workshop was first offered at the Link Arrow Dansk Universitetspædagogisk Netværk Conference, October 7, 2021. The workshop was designed by Donna Hurford, SDU; Stacey Cozart, AU; Peter Bjelskou, SDU; Valeria Borsotti, KU.

This webinar’s rationale is to help teachers achieve inclusive, unbiased learning environments, through an interconnected treatment of:

  1. Creating inclusive and effective learning environments not derailed by incivility or excluding behavior
  2. Ensuring student well-being by a prompt handling of hateful, or otherwise problematic, utterances whether they occur online or in person
  3. Helping teachers to not experience paralysis of inaction or delayed response in dealing with incivility
  4. Recognizing the importance to tackle prejudiced language and behaviors

Content and Structure
We shall start by discussing a selection of online and in person teaching and learning vignettes, participants will be invited to start identifying factors which may contribute to inclusive behaviour, incivility, excluding behaviour and/or bigotry.

This will be followed by a short review of international studies, identifying factors contributing to inclusive learning environments (Hockings, 2010) and a suite of reflective practice approaches (Schön, 1983) designed to pre-empt and mitigate incivility and excluding behavior (Toker et al., 2021; Clark et al., 2012; Galbraith and Jones, 2010)

Pre-emptive and mitigative actions
Drawing on your own experiences, the original vignettes, and a reflective practice scaffold, participant groups will evaluate and develop in-action and on-action approaches designed to pre-empt and mitigate incivility, excluding behavior and bigotry.

Ways forward
Participants are invited to share their take-aways from the workshop and their recommendations for further development of pre-emptive and mitigative actions.

Expected Learning Outcomes
Participants will have opportunities to reflect on:

  • Ways to promote inclusive teaching and learning environments
  • Our roles and responsibilities when confronted with incivility and excluding behaviors
  • Actions for pre-empting and mitigating incivility and excluding behaviors

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