PaTHES webinar: Endeavoring to Inspire: Making the Learning and Teaching 'Center' 'the Nucleus' of the University


Date: April 26, 2022, 15.30 - 16.30

Venue: Online via Zoom

Fee: Free

Registration deadline: April 22, 2022


This is a story of an emerging initiative about the building up of a learning organization, a learning university, via the work of a center. In this sense, the rationale as well as the philosophies behind the conceptualization and the existence of such a center is discussed, its potential gains on the part of its immediate members viz. the learners and the teaching staff are put forward also by making meaningful links to relevant theories in this regard. In addition to these, the particular purpose of refining all the strategies and acts belonging to instruction alongside education and development is dealt with touching upon the instruments resorted to in this respect e.g., lesson study, action research and case study models along with a customized version of flipped learning. It is thought that unearthing the details of this initiative can be helpful empathically in particular for new universities aspiring to strengthen the teaching and learning going on in their bodies with the help of (more) informed and educated decisions obtained through data- without losing the inspirational and purposeful links to philosophy. It is wholeheartedly believed that the very venue of PaTHES will help move forward scholarly discussions and exchange of ideas.

Speaker: Dr Pinar Ayyildiz – Asst. Prof./Director of CoRaL – Ankara Medipol University, Turkey 

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