Webinars: Universities under siege - While we wait

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Date: Seminar 1October 11, 2021, 16.00-18.00
           Seminar 2: October 12, 2021, 15.00-18.00

Venue: Online

Fee: Free and open to all

Registration deadline: October 5, 2021

Registration: Send an email with your name, title, affiliation and email-address to Link Arrow phec2020@humsam.uu.se

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the 4th annual Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Conference that was planned to take place in Uppsala on October 19–20, 2020, was postponed. The new date is set for June 7-9, 2022. In the interim, the  organizers have offered a series of two-day webinars twice a year. You are cordially invited to the next webinars on October 11–12, 2021.

The event is organized by The Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society, PaTHES, and Uppsala University’s Center for Higher Education and Research as Objects of Study, HERO.

Webinar 1: The state of academic freedom

Webinar 1 will touch on Link Arrow the main themes of the conference in light of a comparative international analysis of the state of academic freedom.

Universities Under Siege Panel1png    Professor Cris Shore, Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths University of London, UK  
Professor Wesley Shumar, Department of Communication, Drexel University, USA
Professor Susan Wright, Department of Educational Anthropology, Aarhus University, Denmark

Webinar 1 will be chaired by Professor Sharon Rider, Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Webinar 2: Thinking in progress - A pathes community-building event

Webinar 2 welcomes all junior scholars coming to the study of higher education, including postdocs and MA and PhD students, to share and discuss their research and project ideas. 

For participation in the project workshop, please send a short outline (ca 500 words) describing your academic position, background (MA, PhD, postdoc, independent, etc.) and institutional affiliation (university, faculty, discipline) as well as your research topic, central themes, theories, core concepts and methods. Say something about what sort of issues you would like the webinar to address.
Submit your outline no later than October 5.


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15:00 Part 1 - Lecture and Panel Discussion
• Ron Barnett: ‘Woods and Trees: In Praise of the Big Picture’
• PATHES member panel: Why I joined the PATHES community and why I stayed

16:00 Part 2 - Project workshop
Thinking together: breakout groups consisting of 2 faculty members and 3-5 junior scholars to discuss your research ideas with PATHES’ senior scholars

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17:15 Part 3 - Closing session
Key points & future steps:
- Tessa DeLaquil, PhD Student, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College and Dagrun

- Astrid Aarø Engen, Associate Professor, Department for Education and Lifelong Learning, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, chair a conversation about building a PaTHES research community for junior scholars.