Webinar 1 in the webinar series 'Alternative conditions for knowledge creation: Invitation to an explorative journay'

Date: September 24, 2021, 12.00-13.00

Venue: Online via Zoom


Centre for Higher Education Futures - CHEF presents af new webinar series, 'Alternative conditions for knowledge creation: Invitation to an explorative journey'. Each webinar will first address the issues at stake and then explore promising ways forward. The series aims to identify enabling conditions for envisaging another future for academic research. This ambitious endeavour has become more important than ever. It requires a reflection on existing power relations and the conditions of (our own) academic knowledge creation.  

On September 24, the series starts with a topic that could not be more important: 'The digitalisation of education and the commodification underpinning it'.

Abstract: The issues at stake: ’The global power of Edtech’

Presented by Janja Komljenovic, University of Lancaster.
Janja will talk about a research project that sheds light on the role of digital data that we produce daily through our own activities and how they matter to EdTech companies.

Abstract: Promising ways forward: Towards a pedagogical justification for privacy policies

Presented by Tore Hoel, Oslo Metropolitan University.
Tore Hoel will explore the role of private data protection for online learning and will discuss ways of reframing this protection with pedagogical goals in mind.

The series is part of the project European Universities- Critical Futures and a collaboration (and conversation) between Sue Wright of the Link Arrow Centre for Higher Education Futures (Aarhus University) and Eva Hartmann of the research cluster Link Arrow Culture, Politics and Global Justice/ recently rebranded KPP. Further information about the series will be available Link Arrow here.

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