Open SIG-meeting: Launch event in HEPP SIG

The meeting is open to all

OBS! Due to the current COVID-19 situation the Launch event will be online. New registration is required.

 May 20, 2020, 10.00-12.00

Online. A Zoom-link will be shared after the registration deadline.

Registration deadline:
May 14, 2020

 Mail to Søren Bengtsen at Link Arrow 
If you have already registered through the sign-up link provided earlier, we kindly ask you to register again by email to Søren Bengtsen.

These days, and perhaps more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial to sustain our academic communities across institutional, disciplinary, and curricular boundaries. Also, it’s essential that we come together to discuss how academics may inform and critically discuss policy-making – but also assume greater societal and cultural responsibilities for the time we live in (and to come) and how we build our higher education futures.

Therefore, we hope you’ll all meet up to discuss and plan our joint collaboration towards imaging and building these futures and achieving these goals. 

The programme will include:

  • Introduction to the SIG (origin, goals, and aims)
  • Introduction to the three separate strands
  • Suggested activities and events for the autumn 2020 and spring 2021
  • Envisioned outcomes of the SIG (conferences, writing collaboration, engagement with internal and external stakeholders, and the wider society)

A more detailed programme will follow.

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