Conference: Critical Perspectives on Agency and Social Justice in Transitions and Career Development

International Career Research Conference

Date: October 23-24, 2019

Venue: Danish School of Education in Copenhagen, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen

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Deadline: No deadline but limited space.

Agency and social justice are important topics in the Nordic countries and beyond, both within the political sphere and the wider public debate, but there has been little research addressing agency and social justice in relation to career development and transitions. This conference brings together researchers from different fields interested in interdisciplinary and critical approaches that can develop understandings of career transitions, social justice and agency and thereby contribute to the improvement of policy and practices aimed at supporting the career development of both young people and adults.


Keynote speakers: 

Professor Lars Ulriksen: Transition into higher education: Students’ negotiations, challenges and strategies

PhD Helle Rabøl Hansen: Young adults in dilemmas of transition and well-being

Professor Tristram Hooley: Riding the social justice wave: Where next for policy, practice and theory in career guidance

Professor Elisabeth Öhrn: Rural youth’s education and living: place, positioning and future

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