Conference: MACAS-2017

Date: June 27-29, 2017

Venue: Danish School of Education, Tuborgvej 164, DK-2400 COPENHAGEN NV

Fee: 2500 DKK

Registration deadline: June 23, 2017

In view of the challenges of the 21st century, a focus on multi- and interdisciplinarity is more important than ever. The vision of the MACAS symposium series is to develop a humanistic approach to education that combines various disciplines in a single curriculum. The field of mathematics assumes a key role in this approach as it is connected to all other disciplines and can serve as a bridge between them. MACAS-2017 targets researchers and educators from mathematics, science, arts, humanities, philosophy, educational science and other disciplines that are scientifically connected to mathematics.

Keynotes: Paul Ernest, Jens Højgaard Jensen, and Annie Savard

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