Seminar for experienced PhD supervisors

Date: November 1 and 2, 2016

Venue: Link Arrow Sørup Herregaard

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Price: DKK 6.900

Programme: See the programme on thisLink Arrow link


Seminar for experienced PhD supervisors

The Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (DUN) hosts a seminar for experienced PhD supervisors.

Teachers: This seminar is offered by two of the most experienced teachers and developers in the Scandinavian countries within the area of PhD supervision: Mirjam Godskesen, coach, consultant and researcher affiliated with Aalborg University and Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, associate professor and research director at Aarhus University.

Purpose: The purpose of the seminar is to increase your flexibility as a supervisor by expanding your repertoire of supervision strategies, feedback tools and communication methods. This will hopefully equip you to handle difficult cases of supervision and to contribute to the development of a collaborative and productive supervision culture in your department or research group.

Content and format: It is organized as an exclusive opportunity for experienced supervisors to meet and systematically exchange insights from own practice. Sharing of experiences will be put into perspective by drawing on theoretical knowledge and practical tools from the research literature on PhD education. You can expect to meet supervisors from different disciplines, nationalities and institutions, who have all supervised at least three PhD students.

The course is in English.

Statements from prior participants:

‘The synthesis of many different teaching/supervising theories that were presented at a very 
practical level and aimed at being immediately useful (rather than requiring a large amount of 
additional reading)’ (2015)

‘I found the experiences from other environments 
and faculties really inspiring and thought provoking.’ (2014)

‘I will return home and implement: Supervisor letter, clarifying expectations and active listening as a useful tool. It has been very beneficial to gather a group of so experiences supervisors. Good with different sciences and university affiliations.’
(Our translation, 2013)