GATL - Gender Awareness in Teaching and Learning

The pedagogical field of interest

Whilst Higher Education in Scandinavia is an attractive option and recruitment levels are relatively high, recruitment to different subjects still tends to be traditionally gendered (OECD, 2012). This means that some classes are predominated by male or female students which may in turn affect gender discourse and perpetuate subjects’ and professions’ gender stereotypes. In addition, the tacit nature of our implicit biases makes it difficult to identify them and in turn change our own practices. Through the GATL SIG we will share strategies for fostering inclusive educational environments through the integration of gender awareness in teaching and learning and opportunities for gender discourses for teachers and students. In addition to pedagogic practices we also recognise the importance of facilitating access to empirical data and research studies on gender and university recruitment, teaching, learning, assessment and research.

Description of the purpose and objectives of the network

To identify implicit and explicit gender-based stereotypes; to be aware of how these may influence our perceptions and engagement with areas of learning and research.

To raise awareness of how gender intersects with ethnicity, race, class, age, sexual orientation etc. in teaching and learning.

To share practical solutions:

  • How to avoid implicit and explicit gender biases in courses and teaching
  • How to challenge perceptions by facilitating teachers’ and students’ critical engagement with gender bias and stereotypes.

Proposals for how the group will promote its work to colleagues at Danish universities:

We will share information about GATL, events, empirical data, research, literature and discussions via DUN.

Once the SIG is established we will review opportunities for seminars and workshops

Information about the contact persons:

Emma Hammarlund, postdoc, at the Institute of Biology (SDU), explore the origin of animals in Earth history.
Email: Link Arrow
I am interested in practical tools and strategies to avoid implicit bias in teaching and assessment.

Donna Hurford, educational consultant, at Centre for Teaching and Learning (SDUUP), SDU.
Email: Link Arrow
I am the cohort leader for the International Lecturer Training Programme and I offer a variety of courses on teaching, learning and assessment. Prior to working at SDU my teaching at the University of Cumbria, UK, included pedagogy for student teachers, global citizenship and celebrating diversity. I have been involved with a number of global citizenship organisations and initiatives which have reinforced my commitment to socially just educative practices and the role of gender aware teaching and learning.

Emma Hammarlund or Donna Hurford

For further information please contact

Emma Hammarlund or Donna Hurford
University of Southern Denmark
Tlf.: Emma 6550 7981 or Donna 2117 7861