Udgivelse: Designing for Situated Knowledge Transformation

Designing For Situated Knowledge Transformation (1)            

Editors: Link Arrow Nina Bonderup DohnProfessor på SDUInstitut for Design og Kommunikation
               Link Arrow Stig Børsen HansenLektor på SDUInstitut for Design og Kommunikation
               Link Arrow Jens Jørgen HansenLektor på SDUInstitut for Design og Kommunikation

Year: 2019, 1. Edition

Publisher: Link Arrow Routledge

How can knowledge developed in one context be put to use in other contexts? How can students learn to do so? How can educators design for learning this? These are fundamental challenges to many forms of education. The challenges are amplified in contemporary society where people traverse many different contexts and where contexts themselves are continuously changing.

Designing for Situated Knowledge Transformation provides a structured answer to these questions, through an investigation of the theoretical, empirical, methodological and pedagogical design aspects which they involve. Raising profound questions about the nature of knowledge, of situativity, and of transfer, transformation and resituation, it calls for and provides extended empirical studies of the forms of transformation that knowledge undergoes when people find themselves in new contexts while relying on existing knowledge.

Considering many avenues of practical application and insight, Designing for Situated Knowledge Transformation develops a coherent framework for developing learning designs for knowledge transformation that is crucial in today’s educational settings.

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