Read the 23rd volume of IJAD

The 23rd volume of The International Journal for Academic Development, IJAD, has now been released by ICED

Please feel free to enjoy all of the substantial articles about academic development at this link 

Holistic academic development: Is it time to think more broadly about the academic development project?
Kathryn A. Sutherland

Academic development as cultural work: responding to the organizational complexity of modern higher education institutions
Bjørn Stensaker

Engaging the wider academic community in a postgraduate certificate in academic practice: the issue of standards
Nicola Reimann & Linda Allin

Developing a pan-university professional learning community
Sue Cherrington, Anne Macaskill, Rhian Salmon, Suzanne Boniface, Sydney Shep & Jonny Flutey

Approaches to career development and support for sessional academics in higher education
Troy A. Heffernan

A lasting impression: the influence of prior disciplines on educational developers’ research
Deandra Little, David A. Green & Colette Hoption

Researcher-led academic development
Ian Kinchin, Marion Heron, Anesa Hosein, Simon Lygo-Baker, Emma Medland, Dawn Morley & Naomi Winstone

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable: a narrative account of becoming an academic developer
Jeanette M Fyffe

Reflection On Practice
The flourishing of care in a multidisciplinary Faculty Learning Community
Julie A. Timmermans, Carmen Bruni, Rob Gorbet, Barbara Moffatt, Gordon Stubley, Diane Williams & Trevor Holmes

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