Nyt tidsskrift: Postdigital Science and Education

Deadline: 1. november 2018

Postdigital Science and Education er et nyt internationalt tidsskrift, som kunne have interesse for mange inden for den universitetspædagogiske forskning. Der er allerede udkommet nogle reviews og en enkelt artikel. Bidrag der indleveres inden 1. november 2018 har mulighed for at blive udgivet i det første officielle nummer. Kort omhandler tidsskriftet: 

"We are increasingly no longer in a world where digital technology and media is separate, virtual, 'other' to a 'natural' human and social life, and education is often at the forefront of these trends. Journals engaged with technology and education tend to view the research field as concerned with the 'effects' of digital media and other technologies on the existing activities of teaching, learning in education, thus continuing to assume a clear division between an authentic educational practice and the imposition of an external, and novel, technology. However, during the past years, we are witnessing a rapid growth in number of academic books and articles dealing (explicitly and implicitly) with education and research in and for the postdigital age. Postdigital Science and Education fills the gap in the scholarly community as the first academic journal in education, as well as in the humanities and the social sciences, with an explicit focus to postdigital themes and research approaches."

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