Jobs in Finland


  1. University Lecturer (University Teaching and Learning)
  2. Professor of Education (Education Policy)
  3. Professor of Education (Game-based Learning)
  4. Professor of Education (University Teaching and Learning)
  5. Fixed-term Postdoctoral Researcher (Education and Societal Transformation)

Venue: University of Tampere, Finland

Date of employment for no. 1: April 1, 2018

Date of employment no. 2-5: August 1, 2018

Application deadline for all: February 22, 2018

In the Faculty of Education at University of Tampere, you will be part of an active learning community engaged in research on education and society. The position's work will involve carrying out research, teaching and contributing - being an active member of the faculty community. You can break disciplinary boundaries, search for new ideas, and follow current developments, or perhaps look towards the future. Your role will be to ask skilfully, challenge constructively, and question inspiringly. First and foremost, you will be building a community and co-creating a culture with like-minded individuals.

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