Jobopslag: PhD fellowship

Profession: PhD fellowship: Transferable skills and transfer of learning in health sciences education: a curriculum intervention study

Venue: Aarhus University

Date of employment: expected start on the PhD programme from May 2018

Application deadline: *October 30, 2017

An open and funded 3-year PhD fellowship is available on the development of transferable skills and transfer of learning in higher health sciences education. Supervisor will be: Associate Professor Mette Krogh Christensen, Centre for Health Sciences Education, Aarhus University, Denmark (main supervisor), and a co-supervisor depending on the applicant’s suggested subject of the PhD project. Project summary Discrepancies between the skills taught in higher education and those valued by employers are recurrently noted. However, the idea that “transferable” skills – or “soft”, “generic”, “future” or “21st century” skills such as leadership, communication and interpersonal skills – should be part of the set of learning outcomes all students are expected to acquire during their time in higher education is not new. Despite the many high-level intentions to promote acquisition of transferable skills in higher education – expressed through the Bologna Process and in many national higher education strategies – the reality of teaching and learning on the ground in the universities seems, at best, variable. As transferable skills are higher cognitive skills, they are to be nurtured during the graduation period, and innovative methodologies based on experiential and student-centered approaches are recommended.

In a complex and changing society, transfer of learning from one context to another is a needed capability in students. This capability concerns ‘within-education’ transfer of learning across different types of courses in a study program and it concerns ‘outsideeducation’ transfer of learning from a learning environment to a work environment. Transferable skills could play a key role in the students’ ability to apply in one particular context competences learned in another context. In addition, teachers’ ability to convey transferability most likely influences transfer of learning.

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*Note that the successful candidate will have to apply for and get approved for enrolment at Aarhus University Graduate School of Health (Link Arrow, in a separate procedure before starting as a PhD student. The PhD fellowship project must be ready for application for the February 2018 application round.


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