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This is a list of Danish staff developers with keywords. The purpose of this list is to promote contacts. The list is collected by Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education and last updated 26 February 2012. Resource persons, who wants to get on the list can fill out Link Arrow the form or contact the secretariat atLink

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Antal : 40

Anne Mette Mørcke
Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation & University of Copenhagen
+45 5144 6250
Educational Planning and Management
Simulation and Work-based Learning
Communication between Doctor and Patient
Asssessment (test forms in the broadest sense)
Work functions
Director of Undergraduate Medical Education
Associate Professor (Medical Education)
Bente Mosgaard Jørgensen
Centre for Teaching and Learning, BSS, Aarhus University
+45 8716 5329
Teaching in Learning styles
Cooperative learning
Discussion based teaching
Pedagogical course for part-time university teachers
Work functions
Academic Staff
Berit Lassesen
Centre for Teaching and Learning, BSS, Aarhus University
+45 8942 6465
Student Learning (Student approach to learning)
Research & Development in Methods of Teaching
Research Methods in Educational Psychology
Work functions
Academic staff
Bettina Dahl Søndergaard
Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the Auspices of UNESCO, Department of Planning, Aalborg University
+45 8715 5412
Mathematics Education (grades 1-17)
Grade Scales
Teaching Portfolio
Cognitive Learning Theories
Gifted Education
Informal Education
Work functions
Associate Professor
Participate in teaching at the teacher training programme for Assistant Professors and PhD courses aimed at TA’s at the Faculty of Science and Technology
Editorial Board Member of Higher Education Journal in Danish (DUT)
Professor II at the University of Bergen, Department of Mathematics
Birgitta Wallstedt
Educational Development Unit, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark
+45 6011 3056
Student Selection Procedures
Assessment Strategies
Student Retention
Student-centred Learning
Educational Development and Curriculum Design
Problembased Learning (PBL)
Work functions
Educational Development Unit
Birgitte Lund Christiansen
LearningLAB, Technical University of Denmark
+45 4525 3750 / +45 2264 1060
Educational Development in Higher Education
Continuing Education / Adult Education
Work functions
Head of LearningLab DTU (DTU’s Unit for Pedagogy and Educational
Development of / teaching at pedagogical course for teachers
Planning and facilitation of seminars and workshops
Consultancy on organizational processes related to the development of teaching, education, and pedagogical competences
Camilla Østerberg Rump
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 0473
Student Learning in University Science
Competence and Capabilities
Teaching Methods
Educational Planning and Evaluation
Work functions
Associate Professor at the University Science Education
Teacher at Teaching Development Program (TDP) for LIFE, FARMA and SCIENCE
Carl Winsløw
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 0433
Work functions
Professor of Mathematics Education
Research and Teaching within Mathematics and Mathematics Education
General Questions related to Higher Education (eg. The Interactions Between Teaching and Research)
Charlotte Ringsted
Faculty of Health Sciences, Aarhus University
+45 9350 8222
Medical Education
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education
Curriculum Design
Clinical Training and Assessment
Work-place Based Learning and Assessment
Faculty Development
Students as Teachers
Patients as Teachers
Research in Medical Education
Work functions
MD, MHPE, PHD, Professor of Medical Education
Director of Centre for Clinical Education, Research and Development in Medical Education
Doris Østergaard
Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, The Capital Region of Denmark
+45 3868 3582
Patientsafety and Human Factors
Work functions
Head of Centre
Research in Medical Education
Patient Safety
Human Factors
Dorte Sidelmann Rossen
Centre for Teaching and Learning, Aarhus University
+45 8716 2568
Educational IT
Work functions
Inservice Training and Professional Development
Gerd Christensen
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen
Group Work
Project Studies
Post Structuralism
Pedagogical Psychology
Work functions
Associate Professor
Gitte Wichmann-Hansen
Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University
+45 8716 3503 highereducationresearchanddevelopmentcenter/
Supervision in Higher Education
Research Supervision / Postgraduate Supervision
Talent Development
Work functions
Associate Professor, PhD
Research in supervision and in particular postgraduate supervision
Teaching Research Supervisors - How to supervise
Courses, seminars, workshops and other kinds of development activities that are geared to supervisors from all faculties and that cover all aspects of research supervision
Hanne Leth Andersen
Rectorship, Roskilde University
+45 4674 3039
Language Didactics
Teaching in a Foreign Language
The International University
Communication and Culture
Collegial Supervision
Exam Forms
Orality and Literacy
Assessment Forms and Genres
Education from Primary School to Higher Education
Danish High School / Gymnasium.
Work functions
Education Policy
Strategy and Administration
Responsible for Education and Quality in Teaching at Roskilde University.
Hanne Nexø Jensen
Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 3415
Development of Teaching and Learning
Supervision of students and PhD students
Supervision of students in small groups writing their BA- and Master thesis
Cluster supervision of students’ writing a thesis (bachelor and master thesis), special attention payed to activating of the students during the writing process.
Project about Integration of Research and Teaching by use of Cluster Supervision
Work functions
Planner and facilitator of seminars for inexperienced supervisors
Responsible for teaching and supervision of BA-project seminars and master thesis supervision and seminars
Associate Professor in Public Administration
Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 0386
Young People's choice of Higher education
Deselection of Technology and Science
New student identity work when expectations and experiences do not match
Work functions
Assistant Professor
Jens Tofteskov
Copenhagen Business School
+45 3815 2711
Development of University Teachers
Work functions
Manager of CBS Academic Development and APP (Assistant Professors Program)
Karen M. Lauridsen
Centre for Teaching and Learning, BSS, Aarhus University
+45 2443 8938
Teaching in English in the Multicultural Classroom
Active Learning
Supervision and Mentoring
University Language Policy
Internationalisation of Higher Education
Educational Development
Work functions
Associate Professor at the Pedagogical / Didactic Research and Development Centre
Responsible for teaching courses, primarily within the topics mentioned in the box above
Lars Ulriksen
Department of Education Sciences, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 0338
Students’ Learning Experiences and Expectations
Students’ Choice of Study
First-year Experiences
Science Education
Teacher Development
Work functions
Research in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Teaching at Teacher Development Programmes, including Adjunktpædagogikum (the programme for Assistant Professors and for Postdocs at the Faculties of Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science)
Laura Louise Sarauw
Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
+45 2895 9267
The Bologna Process in Denmark
Frameworks of Qualifications and Accreditation
Competences and Curricular Changes after the Danish University Act 2003
Higher Education as Training for the Labour Market.
Work functions
PhD, Research Assistant and Lecturer
Lene Møller Madsen
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 0459
Science Education with focus on geosciences, choice and retention in relation to science education programmes, and capacity building in the developing world
Work functions
Associate Professor in Science Education
Teaches didactics at bachelor and master level as well as introduction to university pedagogy.
Lotte Rienecker
Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University
+45 3871 4824
(Teaching) Academic Writing
Theses and Dissertations
Assessment of Written Work
Activity Based Learning and Teaching
Educational Development
Work functions
Project Manager
Mads R. Dahl
Centre for Medical Education, Aarhus University
+45 6127 8942
Digital Literacy
Educational Informatics
Digital Evaluation
Work functions
Project Manager
Mette Buje Grundsøe
Aalborg University Library, Aalborg University
+45 3053 0752
Informations Competence in Problem-based Learning
Literature Research and Searching Strategies
Source Criticism and Reference Management
Processes of Searching and Learning
Integration between Library and Education/Subjects

Work functions
Teaching and guiding researchers and students in information retrieval and processes of searching-learning at Aalborg University
Development and coordination of the library's course activity in the health education programs at Aalborg University.
Pernille Andersson
LearningLAB, Techincal University of Denmark
+45 4525 7346
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education with special focus on Engineering
Development of Teaching and Learning
Developmental Processes in Educational Organisations
Coaching of Teachers
Teaching Portfolios
Work functions
Coordinator of introduction programme to university teaching and learning for new faculty
Competence development of teachers in teaching and learning
Development of and teaching in teacher training courses and programmes
Counselling and facilitation of development processes and projects
Planning and facilitation of workshops and seminars
Coaching of teachers
Peter Munkebo Hussmann
LearningLAB, Technical University of Denmark
+45 4525 7288 / +45 4071 0060
University Teaching
Education Development
Quality Assurance of Education
Higher Education
Work functions
Head of LearningLab DTU (University Educational Unit)
Strategic Development
Education Development
Quality Assurance of Education
Organization and Facilitation of Seminars and Workshops
Advice on Organizational Processes for Developing Education and Teaching Skills
Peter Musaeus
Centre for Medical Education, Aarhus University
+45 8620 5228/+45 6084 1971
Learning Theory and Teaching in Practice
Concept Formation
Workplace Learning
Team Communication
Work functions
Associate Professor, PhD, chartered psychologist
Faculty Development at Aarhus University and Skejby University Hospital Curriculum Developer
Teacher of Communication Courses
Peter Stray Jorgensen

+45 6166 3862
Academic Writing
Academic Language
Oral Presentation
Courses for PhDs
Educational Development
Academic Dissemination
Academic Reading Strategies
Work functions
Pedagogical Advisor
Rie Troelsen
Centre for Teaching and Learning, SDU
+45 6550 9610
Active Teaching and Learning
Assessment Forms
The Professional Teacher
Science Education
Pedagogical Supervision
Room of Learning
Work functions
Educational Developer
Rikke von Müllen
Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 4534
Assistant Professor Teacher Training Programme
Social Science Teaching
Research-based Education
Work functions
Development of Social Science Education
Development of Research-based Education
Coordination and Teaching of Assistant Professor Teacher Training Programme of Social Science
Signe Skov
Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 9124
Academic Writing
Writing as a Learning Strategy
Writing Assignments
Text Feedback
Writing Process
Writing Groups
Alignment in Teaching and Assessment
Curriculum Development
Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Work functions
Writing Consultant
Education Consultant
Sofie Kobayashi
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 0346
PhD Supervision
Research Education
Supervisor Development
Teaching Portfolio
Teaching Competences
Introduction Courses for PhD Students
Work functions
Assistant Professor
Søren Dupont
UniPæd, Roskilde University
+45 4674 2853
Student Centered Methods
Project Work
Education Development
Work functions
Head of UniPæd
Søren S. E. Bengtsen
Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University
+45 2857 9190
University Pedagogy
Instructions Pedagogy
Academic Guidance and Mentoring at the University
PhD Guidance and PhD Education
Pedagogic Philosophy
Philosophy and History of the University
Work functions
Associate Professor
Deputy Director, Centre for Higher Education Futures
Thomas Gulløv Longhi
Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark
+45 6550 3531
ICT and Teaching / Learning
Work functions
Member of the University Pedagogical Unit at Social Sciences
SDU Member of the E-learning Strategy Board at SDU
Thomas Harboe
The Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen
+45 3532 3587/+45 6011 2289
Leadership of Educational Development
Teaching Techniques in general
Knowledge about the Danish Educational system
Study Skills for students at all levels
Work functions
Head of Section, Chief Educational Advisor
Tina Bering Keiding
Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University
+45 8716 3602
Project Organized Teaching
Subject Matter Content
Teaching Goals
Education Quality
Work functions
Associate Professor (Research and Teaching, incl. pedagogical staff development)
Tine Wirenfeldt Jensen
Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University
+45 8716 3505
Specialevejledning og – skrivning (ph.d.-afhandling om det danske universitetsspeciale)
Akademisk skrivning/skriftlighed i uddannelserne
Peer feedback (Tekstfeedbackspillet m.m.)
Informationskompetence og selvstændige opgaver (plagiatangst m.m.)
Supervision af undervisere
Udarbejdelse af digitale læremidler

Teaching Development
Special Guidance and Writing (PhD Thesis about the Thesis at the Danish University)
Academic Writing / Writing in Education
Writing Pedagogy
Peer Feedback (Textback Game, etc.)
Information Competence and Independent Tasks
Supervision of Teachers
Preparation of Digital Learning Materials
Work functions
PhD Student
Educational Developer
Torben K. Jensen
Centre for Teaching and Learning, BSS, Aarhus University
+45 8716 5351 / +45 2162 3471
Teaching at universities - basic theory and concepts
Quality in Teaching and Learning - 13 marks of Quality of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Course Planning - alignment of teaching-learning activities
Learning Objectives, Taxonomies and Deep Learning
Motivation and Learning Strategies among students
Teaching-learning Activities in Higher Education
Small group teaching and activating students
Supervision of students, ph.d.-students and colleagues
Course Evaluation
Teaching Portfolios as Quality Enhancement Instrument
The Relation between Research and Teaching in Higher Education
Institutional Development - Incentive Structure and Organizational Culture
The Political Environment around Directors of Study
Enhancing the Study and Learning Environment at Universities
Work functions
Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning
Conducts research in higher education teaching and learning
Contributes to development work related to courses, quality enhancement and teaching institutions
Offers in-service training courses in teaching and learning for assistant, associate and full professors plus directors of studies
Vibeke Ankersborg
Department of Management, Society and Communication, CBS
+45 3815 2918 / +45 4059 9165
The Process of Thesis Writing
Academic Writing
Written Communication
Supervision and Guidance
Research Questions
Courses in Study Technique and Project Work on Bachelor/HD Level
Work functions
External Lecturer in Methods